Dos personas en la playa con una lámpara de exterior en una mesa

Lighting up the outdoors: a pause for summer with Silvia Gil-Roldán

From Tenerife, the photographer Silvia Gil-Roldán demonstrates a talent for capturing the essence of light. In this campaign, Silvia photographs and interprets Marset's collection of portable lamps to convey the nostalgia and tranquility of warm summer days.


From the Buenavista Hotel in Lanzarote, Silvia reflects on the importance of light in her life.

Light is everything in my photography. It enhances the colors and beauty of spaces. I believe that when morning or evening sunlight illuminates objects, spaces and people, it creates a beautiful environment that is difficult to describe.

Through a series of photographs taken on the island, Silvia illustrates the multiple possibilities that wireless lamps offer to illuminate outdoor spaces during the summer.

Light for outdoor dining

The collection of rechargeable lamps, which do not require any type of installation, allow you to lengthen the summer days and illuminate the garden or terrace. Its soft and warm lighting creates pleasant and welcoming environments. Designs like the Bicoca or the Dipping Light become a point of light and color on any table.

The most important aspect of the lamps featured in the summer portable campaign is their design. They add beauty to spaces and, with the light they emit, make them welcoming.

Portables are for summer

In addition to their usefulness as lighting for a terrace, garden or balcony, battery-powered lamps allow light to move and illuminate where electricity cannot reach. Hours of wireless light to accompany evenings on the beach and night walks, or to illuminate camping trips and boat trips.

Take the FollowMe wherever you go, its charismatic design with a wooden handle and its different types of lighting make it a particularly versatile lamp.

The Chispa - light, compact and water resistant- is the nomadic outdoor lamp. Designed so that you can take it everywhere: on a trip in the car, in your backpack, on a hike or camping.

The lamp I feel most connected to is the Dipping Light in amber with a gold base. Maybe it's because its warm light looks a lot like sunlight. It creates an environment that I love and gives me peace of mind. With this campaign, I wanted to capture the serenity of summer, the possibility of being in a cozy environment, alone or in company, and experiencing a feeling of calm away from the stress of everyday life.