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Dipping Light

Design by Jordi Canudas

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Base finish

Beyond its function as a lamp, Dipping Light inspires emotions. When switched on, it is fascinating: its different shades of paint filter the light creating a magical ambience. When switched off, it transforms into a sphere of colored glass, a sculptural object.

It started out as an experiment – dipping a switched-on light bulb in paint several times – but it became a lamp. Several layers of paint draw concentric circles and trap the light, attenuating its intensity. A brass or graphite base is added as a support. This handcrafted process makes each lamp unique and exclusive.

Available in two versions: corded and portable.


Composition Hand-blown glass lamp in glossy white with different layers of paint. Cylindrical metal body

Dimmer (Portable version) 3 light intensities.

Autonomy (Portable version) 5 hours at maximum intensity, 10 hours at medium intensity and 20 hours at low intensity.

Charging time (Portable version) 10 hours.

Charging type (Portable version) USB-C.

Light source


LED 3.4W 700mA 2700K
123lm luminaire
Light source 150lm

Light source - 240lm


Corded Diameter ø12.5cm. Height 22.2cm. Weight 1160gr.

Portable Diameter ø12.5cm. Height 22.2cm. Weight 880gr.

Ecodesign and energy label

Replaceable (LED only) light source by a professional.

In the box

With cable

Dipping Light Lamp.

Assembly instructions. See manual


Portable Dipping Light Lamp.

USB to USB-C charging cable. Power adapter not included. Compatible with 5V DC 1.5 A type charger.

Assembly instructions. See manual

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