by kaschkasch

Playful and functional, the Bolita lamp consists of a glass sphere that can be moved around its base. Its shape beckons you to touch it and move it, discovering that it dims or boosts the intensity of the light.

From €215
Available in 2 colors

A great design

This new type of table lamp is small and can be placed in any space: on a table to warmly illuminate the environment, on a shelf or in the hall of a house as a point of light. It can also be used as a nightlight in children's rooms.

Playing with light

The Bolita brings back the sense of touch and emotion. By touching it, its intensity varies creating a visual effect, the changing light. A manual and magical game at the same time.

This simple lamp attracts attention without stridency, not only for its illumination, but also for the unexpected surprise it generates.

Forbidden not to touch

The Bolita is made of glass, a handcrafted material that gives it a smooth appearance and conveys beauty. This intuitive design hides the light source in the base; a detail that goes unnoticed and creates curiosity, inviting you to touch it.

Bolita by kaschkasch

Available in 2 colors. From €215

From €215

Available in 2 colors

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