Lámpara de luz cálida

Bicoca, warm light at multiple angles

Capturing light in its simplest form. This was the purpose of Barcelona photographer Clemente Vergara, who specializes in architecture and travel. To this end, he portrayed the Bicoca portable lamp and its warm light in an architectural setting by Arata Isozaki, a space characterized by pure geometric shapes.

warm light lamp

Bicoca, a design with warm light

"My idea was to capture the last warm light of the day, placing the lamp on the border between that warm natural light and the artificial light from the lamp, but managing to equate both lights, which look the same hue."

Clemente Vergara

warm light lamp

This colorful, small, handy, versatile and autonomous lamp projects a warm and intimate light in any space. Using different perspectives, the photographer created an interaction between the environment, the natural light and the colors of the lamp, creating multiple environments.

The adjustable shade of the Bicoca has an interior diffuser that filters the light so that it does not glare, bringing color and soft illumination to Arata Isozaki's architectural environment. A switch on the base allows it to modulate its three intensities of warm light, with an autonomy of up to 20 hours at minimum power.

Warm light with many possibilities

This collaboration with photographer Clemente Vergara shows the versatility of the Bicoca portable lamp. The warmth of its light and the wide range of colors in which it is available make it a functional design that adapts to any space: as desk lighting, for working, reading or writing; as a point of warm light on a piece of furniture, shelf or table; even as a point of color in a children's room, where it can also be used as a nightlight.

In addition, the Bicoca light provides ambient light, so it is easy to find it in jazz clubs, cocktail bars or restaurants with soft lighting, consistent with the environment.

Yellow warm light lamp close up view

Accessories compatible with the Bicoca portable lamp further enhance its possibilities. A magnet can be placed on its base to secure it to metal surfaces, even vertically, defying gravity.

For occasions when the Bicoca must be fixed to a table such as a dinner, cocktail party, event, there is a metal disk that placed under the tablecloth ensures its stability. In addition, an accessory is also available that allows you to rest it on the sofa or on the head of the bed to be able to read.

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