Dipping Light

CUPRA Limited Edition

New special version of the Dipping Light lamp for CUPRA. Marset and CUPRA join forces once again to present Jordi Canudas's renowned lamp in an unprecedented color, dark rebel, the most representative shade of the automotive brand

For €390

A very CUPRA lamp

Inspired by CUPRA's values, this new design is sporty and portable, featuring a base with a metallic copper finish, a characteristic color of the automotive brand.

The Dipping Light collection explores the effects of light on different layers of paint. In this version, the gradient of tones resembles the fading effect also used in CUPRA car design.

Two brands united by design

With this limited edition of the Dipping Light x CUPRA, the automotive brand demonstrates its interest in creativity and innovation.

A bold lamp, published in a singular color that expresses a unique and unconventional character. Its aesthetic remains very decorative with diffuse lighting full of nuances.

Light, color and portable energy

A portable design that bridges the world of automotive with lighting.

It features a switch that allows for 3 light settings and can illuminate for 5 hours at its maximum intensity, 10 hours at the middle setting, and up to 20 consecutive hours at the lowest lighting position. A beautiful object when turned off and vibrant when illuminated.

Dipping Light by Jordi Canudas

Available in 5 colors. From €327

From €327

Available in 5 colors