Inma Bermudez, the winning designer of the National Design Award 2022

Inma Bermúdez, FollowMe designer, receives the National Design Award 2022

Designer Inma Bermúdez, author of the iconic FollowMe portable lamp, has just received the National Design Award.

The story of Inma Bermudez and Marset

Marset' s story with Inma Bermúdez began in 2011, when she was embarking on her career as a freelance industrial designer. It was at a fair in Moscow when she met Javier Marset - co-director of the brand - and there they exchanged views.

Back in Spain, Inma began to investigate the Marset brand and after talking to them on several occasions, Javier sent her a catalog in which Inma discovered the Flass lamp, a design that Marset had published in the 70s.

"It was a table lamp and I liked the way the lampshade was attached, that was my starting point. With the sketch in hand, Javier gave me his vision and told me about a niche market: battery-operated lamps, says Inma Bermúdez.

Inma Bermúdez designing in her studio

For Inma Bermúdez, "the challenge was, above all, to create a lamp that makes you fall in love".

At that time, portable lamps barely existed, there was a way to open and go, they were an innovative change. "Normally, these had a camping aesthetic, more of a battle, so I started working to make it beautiful and functional. And together with Marset's technical department, in 2014 we managed to create the FollowMe."

This bold lamp, a pioneer of portable lighting, has become an icon not only of Marset, but also of design. Its simple and light forms, its tilting shade, the wooden handle, and the different light intensities have established it as a beautiful and practical lamp.

Available in 2 sizes and 5 finishes, the FollowMe is self-contained and cordless, runs on a battery that can illuminate from 5 to 20 hours and features a USB-C input for easy recharging.

Inma Bermúdez with the followme lamp

Inma Bermúdez: design to improve day-to-day life

In her own words, Inma Bermúdez describes her job as creating objects that improve the daily lives of people and companies. And so it is, she has achieved this with products such as tableware, watches, carpets, chairs or objects for pets.

Inma says that she often receives comments from all over the world, people who explain how the FollowMe is part of their lives: a design that accompanies them when they put their children to bed, that lights up dinners, camping, terraces, reading or simply provides warm illumination to the spaces where they normally live.

Recognition of an international designer

For years Inma Bermudez has established herself as a benchmark in international design. By winning this award, she has once again received another great recognition for her career.

From the Ministry of Science and Innovation what has been most valued has been its creative honesty and commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Its efforts to innovate through new processes and materials that are more respectful of the environment, at a time when everyday objects have to be fully in line with the objectives of sustainable development.

Designer Inma Bermudez in her spare time

Inma Bermúdez is the third woman after Marisa Gallén (2019) and Pati Núñez (2007) - and the youngest - to receive this award.

Many congratulations, Inma!