by Christophe Mathieu

Cordless, lightweight and with a rechargeable battery, Bicoca not only brings light, but also identity and color to any space.

From 221 €
Available in 6 colors

Warm and dimmable light

Bicoca generates an intimate light that adds warmth wherever you place it. Its adjustable·lampshade has an interior diffuser that filters the light while avoiding dazzling.  

Bicoca features a 3-positions dimmer to regulate  the light output: at minimum power, it lights for 20 hours; at medium, for 10 hours; and at maximum intensity, up·to 5 hours.

Wherever you like it

Place it on your desk or on the entry furniture. Find a space for it on your shelves, add light and color anywhere in the house. Use it to read or write, move it with you, and place it wherever you want or need it, that's why it's portable.

Bicoca creates an unique and intimate atmosphere, so it is easy to find in jazz clubs, cocktail bars or restaurants with soft lighting, consistent with the ambient.

Bicoca Marset

One lamp, many possibilities

Bicoca can be purchased with the armchair accessory, which drapes over armrests, sofa backs, or headboards, so you can bring your Bicoca to all your personal reading spaces and light any corner.

Bicoca Marset

Small, manageable and colorful

Its basic geometric shapes and wide variety of colors make it a playful and cheerful design lamp.

From €221

Available in 6 colors

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Bicoca by Christophe Mathieu

Available in 6 colors. From €221

From €221

Available in 6 colors

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